Calories in Chicken and Rice

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Health Benefits of Chicken and Rice

Chicken and Rice is a dish that incorporates the benefits of both these foods, and can also be spiced up by adding other ingredients such as spices, dried fruit, vegetables, etc. Either way, this dish has several benefits. Benefits from the chicken include protein, which is essential for growth and an important diet component for weight loss. Chicken is also a great source of various B vitamins, including niacin and vitamin B6, both of which help with metabolizing energy in the body. In addition, phosphorous, good for teeth, bones, liver, and the central nervous system, can also be obtained. Rice is a great source of energy, high in carbohydrates and full of nutrients. Depending on the type of rice, whether it is brown or white, the nutrient content will vary.

Healthier Chicken and Rice

There are several choices that can be made for a healthier, low calorie chicken and rice dish. First, white rice or brown rice can be used. Since brown rice is not stripped of the nutrients that are lost when processing to make white rice, including B1, B3, and iron, it is the healthier option. It also includes more fiber, which will not cause a spike in blood sugar and keep you fuller, longer. There are several methods of cooking the chicken as well, the healthiest of which are grilling or roasting it in the oven. Added vegetables are a great way to include extra nutrients as well.