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Calories in Cheese Pizza

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Is Cheese Pizza Healthy?

A top favorite food for many, pizza is a delicious and easy option, whether as take-out, made at home, or at a restaurant. There are many different toppings such as pepperoni, pineapple, vegetable, etc. as well as different types of dough, including whole wheat. One of the healthier options is plain cheese pizza. Depending on the type of cheese that is used, which is most often mozzarella, it can be one of the lowest calorie options available. However, it is still high in sodium and fat, and eating a few slices will cause the calories to add up! Like many foods, it is best when enjoyed in moderation, but not every day!

Healthier Options For Ordering Cheese Pizza

When enjoying a slice of cheese pizza, there are several options when ordering that will result in a healthier choice. First, opt for a whole-wheat crust. It will provide more fiber and prevent a spike in blood sugar, keeping you fuller longer. If not available, a thin crust is also a good option. You can also ask for less cheese to cut some calories and fat content. Avoid toppings such as pepperoni and other meat toppings and opt for vegetables. Also try to avoid crust stuffing. In moderation is fine, but not every time!