Calories in Celery

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Is Celery Healthy?

Celery is a long green stalk that is a great source of several different nutrients. As a result, celery health benefits are numerous. A look at what is in celery reveals why it is so good. First, a serving of raw celery, which is about 2 large stalks, provides almost 2 grams of fiber. Fiber is great for keeping your digestive system up and properly running. There is also a substantial amount of vitamin A in one serving, a nutrient great for your eyes as well as your teeth and skin. Another plentiful nutrient is vitamin C, an antioxidant that can help prevent cancer. Celery can also help build strong bones and teeth because it provides your body with calcium. Also, coming in at only 18 calories per serving shows why is celery good for weight loss. Rarely is celery fattening, unless part of a larger, less healthy dish. It will fill you up and give your body what it needs to be strong and healthy!

What to Eat With Celery?

The health benefits of celery are numerous, but celery by itself seems like a bland option. A common way to play it up is to eat it with some peanut butter or other type of nut butter for a protein and nutrient filled snack. It is also a good addition to soups, or sliced up it can be a crunchy part of a salad. The options are endless!