Calories in Carrots

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Are Carrots Good For You?

Carrots are one of the healthiest vegetables that you can include in your diet, but what is in carrots that make them so good for you? Besides being low in calories, they are filled with different vitamins and minerals. Many of the health benefits of carrots come from the different B vitamins, vitamin K, vitamin A, fiber, potassium, thiamine, and more. They are known to help in cancer prevention, as well as in the prevention of heart disease and stroke. They are good for your eyes due to the vitamin A content, and are even good for your teeth because they help clean your mouth clean! After a meal, they can help get rid of dirt that adheres to your teeth and gums! This cleansing property is good for the skin as well, and can help with treating uneven skin tones and acne.

What To Eat With Carrots?

If these carrots health benefits have convinced you to incorporate this amazing vegetable into your diet, you may be wondering how to do so in a creative way. Besides eating carrots raw for a snack, you can also have them with some peanut butter or other nut butter for some added protein. Sautee some of them and include them as a side to a dish, or shred them and incorporate into a salad. You can even slice them up and make them a nutritious addition to a vegetable soup. The options are endless!