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What Is In Cake?

Birthday cake, carrot cake, wedding cake, ice cream cake, kosher cake…there are dozens of types and flavors of cakes out there, and a whole science and world of knowledge on how to shape, bake, and decorate them. You can buy them in large chain stores, small bakeries and cafes, or make them yourself. Whatever cake you get, and wherever you get it, one thing is certain: it will have a substantial amount of calories and sugar. There are dozens of different cake recipes, but each recipe will most likely contain some type of flour, milk, eggs, butter, and flavorings. With some tweaks, it might be possible to bake some low calorie cakes, or you can opt to buy reduced sugar versions.

Can Cakes Be Healthy?

Having a slice of cake every now and then won’t be detrimental to your health or diet, but consuming cake too often, and especially without physical exercise incorporated in your life, can cause you to gain those dreaded inches around your waistline. With the amount of calories that cakes contain, there is no doubt that those calories will add up. Consuming more calories than you expend will cause weight gain, so make sure to eat this delicious treat in moderation!