Calories in Caesar Salad

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Is Caesar Salad Healthy?

A common menu option at restaurants is the supposedly healthy Caesar salad, but this may not always be the case! What is in Caesar salad, and is Caesar salad fattening? With the additions made, the final calorie count is often much higher than one would expect. It is hard to say exactly how many calories a 1-cup serving contains, since it varies based on the croutons, cheese, and even dressing that is used. The amount of protein also varies based on the amount of chicken and cheese the salad contains. Although the dish does provide a variety of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins A and C and calcium, it should not be eaten in excess. Calories will add up! Variety and moderation in your diet are key to eating healthy.

Healthier Caesar Salad

With a few tweaks, it is very easy to create a low calorie Caesar salad dish. When making your own, use less cheese and avoid the dressing to cut a substantial amount of calories and fat. Grill the chicken instead of frying it or coating it in flour or breadcrumbs. You can use spices, but avoid adding too much salt to decrease the amount of sodium in the dish. When ordering out, you can ask for the cheese on the side so you can control how much of it you eat. The dressing can be on the side as well, or you can choose to avoid it altogether.