Calories in Caesar Dressing

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Is Caesar Dressing Healthy?

You are sure to have tried or been offered Caesar dressing as an addition to Caesar salad. Is Caesar dressing bad for you, and what is in Caesar dressing that makes it so? If you are watching your calorie intake, this dressing may not be the best addition to an otherwise healthy salad. It contains a substantial amount of calories for 2 tablespoons, and is also high in fat, including saturated fat. It is also high in sodium, and those with higher blood pressure should consume with caution, since high sodium intake can increase blood pressure! Although low calorie Caesar dressing does exist, a better option is to avoid this dressing altogether and go for something healthier, like a simple lemon and herb dressing or vinaigrette.

What Is In Caesar Dressing?

Depending on the company that made the Caesar dressing, ingredients used vary. Generally the dressing contains some for of oil, be it soybean oil, vegetable oil, or some other type, vinegar, and water. Different types of cheese are also common additions, as well as various additives and flavorings such as spices, enzymes, and colors. All of these add to the caloric and fat content of the dressing and, although the exact numbers vary from dressing to dressing, in general they are calorie and fat dense.