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Calories in Burritos

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Are Burritos Healthy?

Whether you’re having a burrito for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the stuffing determines whether it is healthy or not. Common stuffing includes rice, beans, chicken or meat, onions, peppers, avocado, cheese, and salsa, but you can really use anything you want! How you cook it determines its health level as well. The most common way to make a burrito is to just stuff and then fold it, but some do fry it, adding to the fat content and making it a poorer choice for a meal. Some recipes also call for melted cheese on top, and you can choose not to do that to cut back on both calories and saturated fat!

What to Put In A Burrito?

A low calorie burrito is very easy to create, since there are no ingredients that you have to include. Usually, a flour tortilla will be used and filled. Choose a whole-wheat tortilla to get extra fiber into the meal. You can choose to use brown rice instead of fried or white rice, and use less cheese or none at all to cut back on calories and saturated fat. Choose to include a variety of vegetables in order to get the benefits of a variety of vitamins and minerals. In addition, you can opt not to use condiments and your burger will be just as delicious without them!