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How many calories are burned carrying a baby?
Asked by lisaruggiero on Feb 25, 2010 in Weight Loss

I frequently carry my 10 pound baby in a Snuggly brand baby carrier while doing household chores and walking.  How many calories are burned doing this?  What about while dancing salsa?


The number of calories burned walking or dancing depends on your weight, your speed and any resistance that comes from an incline or uneven surface.  A 10 pound baby increases the “weight” part of the equation.  For instance, for one hour of salsa dancing, a 130 pound person burns 176 calories while a 140 pound person burns 190 calories.  Use the Activity Browser under the Exercise tab to find how many calories you burn in various activities.  To view changes for different weights, reset the weight at your Account Settings under the My Account tab. 

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