Calculate the Calories Burned in Your Daily Activities

Exercise burnout and boredom go hand in hand. Stay fit by using the activities browser. Not only can you find new ways to stay active, but you can also calculate calories YOU burn in your favorite exercises. Calorie Count calculates your personal calorie requirements and then adjusts the calories burned in activities for you.

Whether itís playing sports, or doing housework, track the calories burned in your activity log as a companion to the food log to get a full picture of your daily calories in and calories out. By using the calorie burn calculator to determine, for example, how carrying your child more or dancing can increase the calories you burn. By incorporating more normal activity, you are burning more calories without having to log more hours working out which is a part of a healthier lifestyle.

If you are new to working out, the activities browser can help you maximize your workout time. By knowing that walking briskly for 50 minutes has the same calories burned as running for 30 minutes, you can make better decisions about how to burn more calories within your time limits. While keeping progress in mind is important, on days when you feel like changing your routine, or taking it easy, use the activity browser along with the food browser to balance the calories in food with the calories you burn.