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How many calories do I burn in 10,000 steps?
Asked by 1515mom on Jul 10, 2008 in Fitness

I'm wearing a pedometer and I need to  know how many calories I've burned with my 10,000 steps. 


If your pedometer measures the miles per hour you walk, then you can easily find that activity on our list and your calories will be automatically calculated.  But if your pedometer only reports steps, then you can either figure that 2000 steps roughly equals one mile or you can attempt to calculate your miles per hour.  To do so, set your pedometer to zero, walk a measured mile or half-mile, and note your steps.  Then measure your average stride in feet, note the number of feet you walk per mile (one mile equals 5280 feet), and calculate your miles per hour. Realize that pedometers overestimate distance at slower speeds and underestimate at high speeds.  Read more about how to use a pedometer from the Guide to Weight Loss on


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