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How many calories do I burn doing the Leslie Sansone DVD?
Asked by metco89 on Sep 14, 2008 in Fitness

I do the 20-minute 1 mile In Home Walking DVD and I am not sure if this it is considered moderate or vigorous. I have no idea how many calories are burned and have not been able to find this information anywhere.


Leslie Sansone’s workouts are not just about walking.  She combines simple marches, kicks, sidesteps, and overhead arm motions to boost the intensity of the workout to the “moderate” category.  To log the In-Home Walking 1 Mile DVD, you can select from two activity choices: you can choose “Conditioning Activities” and “Health Club Exercise – General” or pick “Walking” and use “Walking 3.5 MPH at a very brisk pace”.  Either way, those numbers will be close enough. Read a review of Leslie Sansone’s DVDs from the Guide to Walking at

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