Calories in Bulgur

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What Is Bulgur?

If you have ever eaten tabouli salad, you have probably come across the whole grain known as bulgur. More commonly know as bulgur wheat, it is a grain that has been cracked open and partially cooked. Although mostly used in salad, it can be used as other grains are used, for example rice, quinoa, or barley. You can make delicious dishes such as stir-fry or pilaf with it, or get creative with your salads. When cooking it at home, it is easy to prepare since it is already partially cooked, but be aware that different types require different cooking times. For example, fine-grain bulgur takes a lot less time to cook than medium grain or coarse grain. Check out your supermarket aisle for all the options!

Is Bulgur Healthy?

There are several health benefits of bulgur that make it worth incorporating into your diet. Since it is a whole grain it is high in fiber, which is great for digestive and overall health. It is also a low-fat and low-calorie grain and thus a great part of a weight loss plan and lifestyle. One cup is merely 151 calories, but contains 8.2 grams of fiber and 5.6 grams of protein, which is sure to make you feel full! Although it is not gluten-free, it is a vegan food and popular in vegan diets. Incorporate it into your diet to obtain all these bulgur health benefits!