Calories in Buckwheat

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Is Buckwheat Good For You?

If you are looking for a cheap but healthy grain to include in your meal, buckwheat is the option for you. It is cheap because it is easy to grow, thriving in harsh conditions that other crops would likely wither in. But is buckwheat healthy? Yes! It is actually a very nutritious food, full of B vitamins, various minerals, lysine, essential fatty acids, and eight essential amino acids. The health benefits of buckwheat are also numerous: being high in fiber, it is good for digestive health, full of flavonoids good for heart health, it is beneficial for those with diabetes because it helps control blood glucose, and it may help lower blood pressure and cholesterol! To top it off, buckwheat is also gluten free!

How Can I Eat Buckwheat?

To fill your body with all these buckwheat health benefits, you can eat this food in several different forms. First, there are buckwheat groats. Cooked in water, this three-sided grain softens up and can be incorporated into soups or hot cereals. Buckwheat can also be ground into flour, which is then used for baking. In this case, however, it is often mixed with other flours. Another popular choice is soba noodles, which is the Japanese name for buckwheat. Made from buckwheat flour, these thin noodles are often eaten with sauce or hot broth. There are endless meal options using them!