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Calories in Brie Cheese

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Is Brie Cheese Healthy?

You may also have heard Brie Cheese be referred to as “The Queen of Cheeses,” a name given to it in 1815 at the Congress of Vienna. This soft French cheese is made of cow’s milk and varieties sold in the United States are pasteurized since there are laws preventing sale of unpasteurized varieties. Is brie cheese good for you, or is brie cheese bad for you though? At about 95 calories per oz, most of which come from fat, brie cheese is not the healthiest food to pile on in excess. Almost 5 of the 8 grams of fat are saturated fat, and this can contribute to coronary heart disease and other health problems. It is also high in sodium, which can lead to hypertension if consumed regularly. Despite this, one ounce is almost free of carbohydrates and provides a substantial amount of protein, B vitamins, and selenium and phosphorus, so there are some positive brie cheese health benefits.

What to Eat With Brie Cheese?

Brie can be eaten as you would any other cheese. The tough outer layer can be eaten along with the soft inside. You can slice the cheese and serve over whole wheat bread or crackers. You can also chop it and toss over pears or grapes, or in a salad. Brie can also be baked, and then served with the bread or fruit.