Calories in Bread

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Is Bread Healthy?

Whether baking bread at home or buying it in the store, bread can contain a large number of calories and carbohydrates. Of course, the numbers vary based on the type of bread, and a simple glance around the bread isle in a supermarket will reveal the immense number of different types available, including low calorie bread. Rye bread, banana bread, black bread, rolls, breadsticks… these are just a few of many! Is bread good for you though, and what is in bread? A general recipe will include some form of flour, sugar, baking soda, a fat, and flavoring. Although there are some health benefits of bread, such as being a good source of energy, it can be high in calories. Is bread fattening? Not by itself, but if consumed in great amounts, the calories can add up, causing weight gain.

Healthy Alternative to Bread

When buying or baking bread, choose a whole-grain variety versus white bread. White bread is quickly digested, causing a spike in blood sugar and then leaving you hungry a short while later, while whole-grain contains more fiber and protein, helping to control blood sugar over a longer period of time. Pita bread is also a good alternative to white bread, and although it may be higher in calories it is healthier and contains more fiber. The best alternative may be lettuce leaves! It is healthier, crispier, and can easily be stuffed and wrapped to make a sandwich!