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Calories in Brazilian Food

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Unique Brazilian Food Dishes

While containing similar flavors as surrounding South American countries, Brazilian cuisine offers distinct dishes in its repertoire. One such dish is carucaru, a condiment or spread, which is prepared from okra, shrimp, toasted nuts, onions and palm oil. However, like in the Caribbean, the simple dish of rice and beans is a standard in Brazilian cuisine. It is a cheap yet nutritious and balanced meal containing protein and fiber. There are many types of pastries which are popular and served like Spanish tapas. Risotto is also one of the more common of Brazilian food dishes and is typically prepared with chicken, rice, and vegetables.

Plentiful and Healthy Brazilian Food

There is a wide variety of food in Brazil and therefore, you can easily find healthy options on the menu. Because much of the cuisine is based in vegetables and fruits like indigenous cassava, yams, mango, papaya, and guava, a variety of nutrients can be consumed when choosing healthy Brazilian food. A popular snack and export for Brazil is their pine nut which contains heart-healthy fats and protein. Another product which has recently been touted for its beneficial antioxidant content is the açai berry, found in the Amazon Rainforest. However, when exported takes the form of a juice which provides excess calories from sugar. Our database can help you find nutrition facts and other Brazilian food information.