Calories in Bloody Mary

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Bloody Mary Information

A Bloody Mary is a cocktail made from the combination of vodka, tomato juice and spices including horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, salt and pepper. It is often served with a stick of celery or olives as a garnish.

Blood Mary Nutrition

The winner of all cocktails is the healthy Bloody Mary. One cup of Bloody Mary contains between 100-150 calories compared to other cocktails that can add up to 500 calories. In addition, it contains only 5 grams of sugar, only a fraction of what many other cocktails contain. If using fresh ingredients the sodium content is low, but can contain 1500 grams of sodium if using a Bloody Mary mix. Bloody Mary nutrition information can be found here, but all Bloody Marys contain vitamin A and vitamin C. There is also a small amount of calcium and iron. Healthy Bloody Marys can be obtained using fresh tomatoes instead of processed tomato juice or a Bloody Mary mix to lower the calorie and sodium content.

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