Calories in Black Tea

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Is Black Tea Good For You

Whether brewing leaves or using prepackaged packets, black tea is a beverage of choice for many during breakfast or throughout the day. It is even consumed instead of coffee at times, since it does contain caffeine. But is black tea healthy? There are health benefits of black tea! First, a cup of black tea is filled with antioxidants and compounds called polyphenols, both of which contribute to good cardiovascular health and help with cancer prevention. The tannins in black tea help with good digestive health and a functioning immune system. In addition, unlike the high levels of caffeine in coffee, the lower levels in black tea may help you focus and concentrate by increasing blood flow to the brain. A cup a day will give you all of these health effects of black tea, and more!

Is Black Tea Good For Weight Loss?

Although black tea is not the answer to losing weight, incorporating it into your diet may help. The caffeine in the tea may help stimulate your metabolism and suppress appetite, which can aid in your efforts. It can also help reduce stress, which can help with weight loss. In addition, replacing sugary drinks with black tea will help you cut calories, which will result in weight loss. So if you're wondering is black tea bad for you, it's all relative.