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Calories in Beef Stew

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Is Beef Stew Healthy?

Beef stew, a similar dish to beef soup, is a very filling dish that should be made using beef cuts made for stewing. These include the chuck roast or steak, or the shank. These tougher cuts can first be browned slightly in a pan and then stewed. A variety of vegetables, potatoes, thickeners, and spices may be added to the stew. Generally, the main difference from beef soup lies in the fact that the stew is thicker and cooked slower than the soup. Although beef does provide a variety of nutrients, what is in beef stew determines whether it is healthy or not. For example, some recipes call for potatoes and thickeners and others don’t. Cutting these out will create a low calorie beef stew.

What to Eat With Beef Stew?

Beef stew alone can be a very filling meal and is not often served with other dishes. Whether or not it contains a variety of vegetables, potatoes, and other ingredients, it is most often served with some form of bread: cornbread, biscuits, buns, etc. and a plate of salad. For a healthier option, choose to serve it with whole grain bread. The bread is great for absorbing the liquid of the stew and can be a very flavorful part of the meal.