Calories in Beef Cold Cuts

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What Can You Eat With Beef Cold Cuts?

If you have ever been to a deli, or the deli section of a supermarket, you have probably seen the various cold cuts being sold. Beef cold cuts are precooked or cured meat. Popular cuts include roast beef, smoked beef, beef jagdwurst, beef bierschinken, and beef lyoner, among others, and can be bought by weight or pre-sliced in prepared packaging. Beef cold cuts are most often used to make sandwiches, but there are recipes that call for chopped pieces of cold cuts, fried or raw, for flavor and variety. For example, there are some salads that call for sliced strips of beef cold cuts tossed in with vegetables.

Are Beef Cold Cuts Healthy?

Beef cold cuts, just like many cold cuts, are very high in fat, nitrates, and sodium. Nitrates and sodium are used in great amounts for preservation and flavoring. Nitrates may contribute to the formation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and those suffering from high blood pressure should avoid high sodium intake. Just like all food, cold cuts as part of a nutritious meal can be eaten in moderation. For example, a few slices of beef cold cuts on top of whole wheat bread, with tomatoes, lettuce, and other vegetables, can be a fast on-the-go meal.