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Calories in Beef Broth, Stock and Bouillon

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What Are Beef Broth, Stock, and Bouillon?

At the supermarket you may have seen beef broth, stock, and bouillon being sold. The differences lie in how they are made. Beef stock is made by boiling beef bones until reduction by about half takes place. Due to the gelatin from the bones, stock is thick and gelatinous. Broth is similar in that the bones are boiled, but here with vegetables and spices for flavor. It can also be made by adding a small amount of concentrated stock to boiling water. Bouillon is a concentrated blend of dehydrated stock, seasoning, salt, and fat. It needs to be broken down with boiling water and used for flavoring. Stocks and broth can be used as bases for soups, sauces, or gravy and bouillon can be added to roasts, rice, and other meals for flavor.

Are Beef Broth, Stock and Bouillon Healthy?

Depending on if you bought your beef broth, stock, or bouillon in the store or made it at home plays a role in how healthy it is. Canned products can contain fillers like flour, sugar, various thickeners and flavor agents that increase the caloric content and make it less healthy. Making the broth at home, you can avoid all of these additives. In addition, the biggest concern with canned products is the sodium content. Bouillon especially can be very high in sodium and MSG. There are low-sodium options for those concerned.