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Calories in Bean Soup

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Is Bean Soup Healthy?

Bean soup is a popular dish that can be made using the vast variety of beans available on the market. Although beans do provide many health benefits, the ingredients in the recipe for bean soup determines whether it is healthy or not. Some beans, such as black beans, chick peas, kidney beans, and lentils, are more nutritious than others. Basic bean soup, containing just beans and vegetables, will be healthier than soup containing meat and other fats or flavorings. By tweaking a recipe by swapping a more calorie dense bean for a less calorie dense one and experimenting with the ingredients, you can create a nutritious, delicious low calorie bean soup.

What Are the Benefits of Bean Soup?

Soup alone can be a very filling meal. A simple vegetable and bean soup, whether using canned or fresh beans, is the healthiest option. The beans alone can help lower cholesterol levels and control blood glucose due to their fiber content, help reduce the risk of cancer due to their antioxidant content, and contribute to regular bowel function. They also contain compounds called isoflavones, which can help prevent some forms of cancer, reduce heart disease risk, help with menopause symptoms, and more. These benefits, combined with those from the vegetables, provide you with a delicious, nutritious meal!