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Calories in Bean Dishes

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What Can Be Done With Beans?

With the vast variety of beans in all shapes, sizes, and flavors available, it is easy to get creative when creating a bean dish. Beans are mostly classified as legumes and edible seeds that usually grow in long pods. They can be a component of a main dish or a side, used for soups, spreads, dips, curries, casseroles, or, with some imagination, anything. With so many to choose from, including lima, kidney, lentil, black, calico, and garbanzo, just to name a few, the possibilities are endless.

What Are The Health Benefits of Beans?

Eating beans as part of a balanced meal can fill you up and provide your body with the nutrients it needs to run properly. Different types of beans can provide specific benefits, but in general they help lower cholesterol levels and control blood glucose due to their fiber content, help reduce the risk of cancer due to their antioxidant content, and contribute to regular bowel functions. They also contain compounds called isoflavones, which can help prevent some forms of cancer, reduce heart disease risk, help with menopause symptoms, and more. Large amounts of beans may lead to zinc, copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, and lead deficiencies due to compounds called phytates that bind to these minerals. Phytates can be reduced by soaking beans, but cannot be completely removed. Another drawback may be flatulence, but this side effect is minor when considering all the benefits that beans have to offer!