Calories in Barbecue Sauce

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What Is In Barbecue Sauce?

Barbecue sauce is popular when barbecuing or as a dip. Meat and chicken are covered in it and grilled, yielding a flavorful and juicy product. Popular companies like Hunt’s produce barbeque flavors like sweet, spicy, and smoky to be sold in stores. They are made from a combination of sweet, spicy, and sour ingredients. Most are tomato based sauces with added sugar, vinegar, and salt, but different regions do have unique recipes. For example, South Carolina uses mustard, vinegar, and black pepper, while Alabama sauce is white mayonnaise based. Many times producers add preservatives to their product as well, and the sodium content is usually very high. For a healthier option, make your own sauce, or opt for the low-sodium or low calorie barbecue sauce.

Is Barbecue Sauce Healthy?

Is barbecue sauce bad for you” is a popular question around barbecue season. There are some health benefits, but drawbacks exist as well. Vitamins A, C, E, and selenium can be found in barbecue sauce and act as antioxidants in the body, ridding it of free radicals that can damage cells. Vitamin C also promotes a healthy immune system, Vitamin A promotes good vision, and selenium regulates the thyroid hormones. Tomato based sauces also contain lycopene. These benefits may be outweighed by the sodium content, however. High sodium intake causes high blood pressure and is unhealthy for the heart. Make your own sauce or buy a low-sodium version to control the sodium.