Calories in Bananas

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Health Benefits of Bananas

Bananas are a popular fruit of choice, but what is in bananas and are bananas good for you? Bananas health benefits are numerous: nutrients include Vitamin A (which promotes good vision and a strong immune system), iron (promotes hemoglobin production), and potassium (helps regulate the body’s water balance, blood pressure, and oxygen passage to the brain) They also contain fiber, which promotes good digestive health. Best of all, the tryptophan in bananas can lift your mood, helping your mind relax and leaving you feeling happy! Although these health effects of bananas do exist, the high sugar content in bananas leave many to wonder if bananas cause weight gain and are bananas fattening? Bananas themselves will not cause weight gain, but eating too many can cause an intake of too many calories, which will lead to weight gain. Additionally, the sucrose and fructose in bananas cause a spike in blood sugar, and the lack of fat and protein may not leave you feeling full for long.

What to Eat With Bananas

Bananas are great to eat by themselves in the middle of the day to boost energy, or before and after a workout. Two bananas provide enough energy for a 90 minute workout! Peanut butter or other types of nut butter can be paired with a banana as well. Mashed bananas can also be used to make banana yogurt, banana bread, and banana muffins.