Calories in Austrian Food

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Austrian Meals

Austrian breakfast usually consists of bread rolls, jam, cold meat and cheese. Traditionally, lunch was the main meal of the day but it has shifted to the evening in modern times. Austrian cuisine has been heavily influenced by Italian, Hungarian, Jewish and Czech cuisines. Austrian food contains varieties of different products made from the famous Viennan dough such as pancakes, pastries, strudels, breads, and dumplings. Austrian meals contain a lot of simple carbohydrates that are high in calories and low in nutrients.

Austrian Food Dishes

Austrian cuisine is most famous for their many delicious sweets and pastries. Austrian food dishes can add up in calories because many are made of simple sugars so be sure to limit intake of these products to once in a while. Save these treats for a special occasion. Wiener Schnitzel is a fried breaded veal escalope is a Austrian specialty dish made in many restuarants. A better option would be a grilled or broiled veal that is not breaded. The most famous cakes include Sachetorte, a chocolate cake with appricot jam filling and the Linzer torte. Other popular desserts include the apple strudel and the danish pastry. The croissant is said to have originated from Vienna. Look here to find Austrian food calories to make the lowest calorie choice.