Calories in Australian Food

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Diverse Australian Food Dishes

Australian food dishes are culturally diverse and borrow flavors from Asian and Mediterranean cuisine and have roots in British and Irish fare. Therefore, dishes that are popular in Britain and Ireland, such as fish and chips, are also prevalent in this cuisine. Fire up the barbie, or barbecue, with classic kebabs prepared with lamb or seafood. The beverage industry in Australia has its beginnings in colonial times with the preparation of traditional Billy tea, which adds a gum leaf to boiling water for flavor. The coffee culture also began developing early in the 20th century with independent cafes. In current times, beer and wine are popular exports.

Healthy Australian Food Information

You can be sure to find healthy Australian food when you visit the country since fresh produce and seafood is readily available especially to those living in the coastal regions. Many of the dishes also incorporate lean meat and vegetables prepared in methods that add little fat and sodium. Beet root is a staple in the diet which is a source of the phytonutrient, betalains, which have powerful antioxidant benefits. There are long term governmental initiatives in Australia which re-enforce healthy eating behaviors for the population as well as access to plenty of free healthy Australian food information.