Calories in Australasian Food

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What Is Australasian Food?

Australasia, the region that is made up of Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, and neighboring islands, does not have a distinct culinary identity. Rather, its cuisine has been shaped by the groups of people living there, with much influence from English culinary customs due to history of British colonization in the area. Australasia does, however, have a few dishes unique to its diverse culture, including breakfast dishes and desserts. For example, Vegemite, a toast spread, is used in the same way that we use peanut butter. Weet-Bix are popular biscuits. Australasians also pride in their minced beef pies. Desserts include pavlova: meringue covered in cream and fruit, Tim Tams: a chocolate biscuit, and Milo, a chocolate and malt based powder similar to our Nesquik chocolate mix.

Is Australasian Food Healthy?

As with all cultural food, and due to the large variety in Australasian cuisine, there are healthy dishes and there are not-so-healthy dishes. As always, it is possible to alter recipes to make a healthier version of the dish, or, when eating out, to eat smaller portions and ask for the rest to be wrapped up. Some foods unique to Australasian cuisine do have specific nutritional benefits. For example, the Vegemite mentioned above is rich in vitamin B, and although it has a strong taste, it is a good way to get some vitamin B by spreading it on toast or in soups and dishes for flavor.