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Calories in Artichokes

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Health Benefits of Artichokes

Did you know that the artichoke has been used throughout history as a medicinal vegetable? Major health benefits were obtained by historic cultures which ate the artichoke, and making the artichoke part of your diet can provide you with these benefits too. Artichokes contain many antioxidants, which help ward off cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Two antioxidants known for fighting illness, quercetin and rutin, are found in artichokes. They can also help control blood glucose, cholesterol, and, because they are high in potassium, hypertension. Historically they were used to aid in digestion and cleanse the liver. They help with calming the stomach and irritable bowel syndrome, as well as cleansing the liver of toxins.

What to Eat With Artichokes

To obtain artichokes health benefits, you can eat them alone or spiced up with a dipping sauce. Traditionally, mayonnaise mixed with mustard or balsamic vinegar is used, or the artichokes are dipped into melted butter. That may not be the healthiest option for somebody who is watching their calorie intake. For a healthier dip, plain yogurt, or even Greek yogurt, can be mixed with minced shallots or garlic for a cream dip. A vinaigrette can be made as well. Artichokes can also be cooked as part of a meal, or cooked down and used to make sauces that are delicious and nutritious.