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Calories in Arabic Food

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Arabic Food Dishes

Arabic food dishes include those from Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Arabic food dishes include popular items such as dates, wheat, barley, rice, meat and yogurt. Rice is used in most dishes as well as spices such as garlic, mint, and thyme. Lamb and chicken are the most popular sources of protein in Arabic food dishes. Kebabs, meat placed on a skewer are one of the most common Arabic food dishes and are usually served with rice, vegetables and a yogurt sauce. Because of the large variety it is possible to find many healthy Arabic food options.

Arabic Food Calories

Dairy products including yogurt, butter and cream are often used in many dishes making Arabic food calories high. Order dishes with the yogurt on the side and only use a small amount. To consume healthy Arabic food use the popular Arabic dressings such as olive oil and lemon juice and limit intake of the creamy yogurt based dressings. There are a wide variety of lentils, nuts, fruits and vegetables that make healthy Arabic food. Rice is the staple food used in most dishes so make sure to practice portion control.

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