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Calories in Apricots

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Health Benefits of Apricots

Apricots, available fresh during the summer and year round if canned or dried, are low in calories and high in nutrients. Three apricots provide only about 50 calories, making them a healthy and nutritious snack. Compared to other fruit, they contain much less carbohydrates and sugar: only about 4 grams per medium apricot. They are filled with beta-carotene, which is beneficial for your heart health. Additionally, one medium apricot will provide almost 15 percent of the daily recommended value of Vitamin A, which promotes good vision, and is a good source of Vitamin C as well. Another benefit is the fiber they contain, which promotes good digestive health. Did you know they also contain lycopene, the antioxidant found in tomatoes? This carotenoid is what gives them the appealing orange color!

How Can Apricots Be Eaten?

Apricots health benefits can be obtained in several ways. Being small, they can easily be packed as a snack to eat alone throughout the day. Fresh apricots can also be sliced or diced and added to breakfast cereals, yogurt, salads, or even into rice, stir-fries, or stews to give a Middle Eastern flavor to your meal. When fresh apricots are not available, canned or dried apricots can be used, but they do have a higher sugar content and may contain preservatives and other additives.