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Calories in Apple Jams and Jellies

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How are apple jams and jellies made?

Jams and jellies are made from various fruit, the major difference being in the way they are prepared. Apple jams and jellies are made from apples. Both processes begin with the same first step: crushing the apples. Then, to make the jelly, all the apples are strained out, leaving only the juice. The juice is boiled with sugar and pectin, which gives the jelly a consistent, gel-like texture, and the sugar also helps with preserving. To make the jam, the fruit is left in and then cooked with sugar. Many times pectin is not added, since the fruit will give the desired texture.

Are apple jams and jellies healthy?

Just like with any jams and jellies, the high sugar content doesn’t make them a very healthy or nutritious treat. It is best to eat it in moderation. While jams may provide some fiber and nutrients due to the fruit being left in the final product, jellies do not provide any fat, protein, or fiber. They only provide carbohydrates: between 8 to 13 grams per serving, depending on the company and amount of sugar used. Of course, when eaten in moderation, apple jams and jellies can become a component of a larger, healthier meal. A small amount can be spread on whole wheat bread with nut butter to make a sandwich, or a teaspoon of it can be eaten as dessert with tea.