Calories in Apple Butter

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What is in apple butter?

Despite the misleading name, apple butter does not actually contain any butter. It is made simply by slowly cooking apples with a liquid, either water or cider, until the apples caramelize and turn a deep brown color. Some companies may use added sugar, but it is not needed due to the natural sweetness from the apples themselves. The result is a thick and soft texture that can be easily spread, hence the term “butter.” Is apple butter good for you? Since it is high in sugar (slightly over 7 grams of carbohydrates per tablespoon), it is important to eat it in moderation and watch portions. It is healthiest as a side to a meal, since by itself it does not offer many macro or micro nutrients, besides the carbohydrates. It is a healthier alternative to jams and jellies, which are filled with sugar, so can be easily used to replace those.

What to eat with apple butter?

Apple butter can be bought in the store or easily made at home and used. When used as a replacement for jams and jellies, it can be used as they are used. For example, a nut butter sandwich with apple butter spread on whole wheat bread can be a quick on-the-go snack. It can also be eaten as dessert, since it is so naturally sweet, or as a side to a well balanced meal. For example, a tablespoon over pork chops or pork loin can be delicious!