Calories in Alfredo Sauce

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What is in Alfredo Sauce?

If you have ever had an Italian meal, chances are you’ve come across the delicious, creamy sauce known as Alfredo. Often paired with pasta and chicken, it’s creamy texture and taste often lead people to wonder: Is Alfredo sauce healthy? Is Alfredo sauce fattening? Is Alfredo sauce bad for you? A simple analysis of its contents can answer these questions. Usually, the basic ingredients include cream, butter, and Parmesan cheese. Garlic and various herbs such as parsley may also be added for flavor. Due to the high fat nature of the ingredients, Alfredo is high in calories and contains a lot of fat: typically, ¼ of a cup can have 140 calories and 12 g of fat!

Healthy Alternative to Alfredo Sauce

The best healthy alternative to Alfredo sauce is to choose a sauce such as marinara, which is lower in calories. It is also more nutritious, containing vitamin C and lycopene from the tomatoes. If you do need to have the Alfredo though, a good option is low calorie Alfredo sauce, which is made by slightly altering the ingredients. For example, thickeners and half-and-half may be used instead of heavy cream, and smaller portions of butter and cheese can be included. As with all food, moderation and portion control are key when eating. Eat a smaller portion, or do some more exercise to balance out the calories.