Calories in Alcoholic Drinks

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Calories in Alcoholic Drinks

When going out, choosing a healthy alcoholic drink can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t know what it is made of. There are drinks that have high calorie counts: a 10 oz Margarita can have up to 550 calories, a 12 oz. Pina Colada 586 calories, if not more, depending on what it contains. The extra calories may also come from juices and other mixers that are added. A few drinks into the night, and you may have consumed more than a day’s worth of calories, the majority of which are “empty calories,” meaning they have little or no nutritional benefit. Dieters believe that they need to avoid alcohol altogether, but there is no need to since you can choose a low calorie alcoholic drink to sip on throughout the night!

Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

There are a vast number of options of low calorie alcoholic drinks that you can choose if you want to drink healthier. From light beers, low calorie wine, and spirits (like rum and diet Coke, 64 calories per ounce!), a drinker with any taste can choose a healthier, lower calorie drink that will fit their daily calorie allotment. These drinks typically have lower carbohydrate content or lower alcoholic content, but are still delicious. Researching before you go can help you make informed decisions throughout the night!

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