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What are calorie requirements for a 7 year old boy?
Asked by anonymous on Feb 10, 2009 in Family & Pregnancy

I have a grandson who is 7 years old, 4' 2" and 80 lbs.  He is overweight and I want to start a more healthful diet based on the calories he is taking in. He is already able to eat as much as an adult!  We are also starting an exercise program through sports. I would like to make sure his food portions are correct for his size and nutritional needs.


The average seven year old boy needs 1400 to 2000 calories a day depending on his level of activity.  But be careful because research shows that dieting in children may lead to weight gain and adult obesity.  Overweight kids don’t need to diet per se.  They need to grow into their weight.  Parents and kids should work together to improve the family’s eating habits.  Do not buy soda; serve skim milk and water.  Save processed snack foods for special occasions, and limit fast food to once a month.  The parents’ job is to serve healthy food and child determines how much he wants to eat.  Read more about helping kids to lose weight at

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