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I Call It Chain Eating

By Mary_RD on Jul 02, 2009 12:00 PM in Dieting & You
Edited By +Rachel Berman

Pearls of wisdom from the Calorie Count forums...

"Chain Eating" says, "I go through this thing I call ‘chain eating’. It’s when I eat one small bad thing, and I get so worked up and depressed because I ate it, and so what do I do? I eat even more.”

Calorie Counters respond:

What you call ‘chain eating’, most of us call bingeing. It is important to intentionally interrupt the pattern of returning to the kitchen over and over. To force myself to listen to the voice of reason, I buy myself time. I go for a walk and breathe deeply and come to my senses.

I allot calories for cheats 2 or 3 times a week. A glass of red wine or a little sweet decreases temptation, but I keep to my calorie count.

I choose to adopt a superior attitude. I see that cookie or cake of the lowest order.

I envision what someone I admire would eat. I know the beautiful women in my office are not eating cake.

I’m giving up the mentality of “I have to finish what I’ve started.” My goal is to make binges smaller and wait longer in-between. Someday, I will have one piece of pie and not spiral out-of-control.

Find someone in your life who is trying to lose weight and tell them you’re having a tough time.

Don’t beat yourself up. Just get on the treadmill for half an hour.

The Takeaway

To stop chain eating:

•    Interrupt the action to break the chain; separate signal from response
•    Legalize all foods to make them less tempting
•    Reframe the way you think about food
•    Depend upon a supportive “sponsor
•    Treat yourself kindly to support yourself

One more thing….

When you start to chain eat, ask yourself, “Am I physically hungry?” If the answer is, "No", then ask, “What am I feeling?” Write about your feelings in a journal or talk about them until you figure them out.  Once you reach a point where you are no longer using food to cover up deeper issues, use the  takeaway points to practice (and practice) new reactions to old behaviors until you break the chains forever.


Your thoughts ....

How do you handle chain eating?


I can so totally identify with this.  I would be so good at work, then come home.  Kids yelling and demanding, dogs barking, what are we doing for dinner honey being called out as my husband sat on the couch and I would consume 800-1000 calories in minutes,  then turn around and eat dinner too.  I gained 30 lbs in 2 years!!

Thankfully with the tools on Calorie Count I have been able to drop from 172 to 136 in 6 months and totally change my eating habits.  Lot of water, healthy breakfast, 300 cal lunch and salad with grilled meat for dinner and exercise at least 2 times a week and trying for more.

I too can identify with this. I've noticed that generally my deeper problem is needing a break from work. I currently work from home so my kitchen is always "right there." I never have the "oh I shouldn't spend the money" inspiration that I normally have working out of the office. The food is always just... right there. And it takes TIME to prepare it too! Now I don't feel bad stepping away from my computer to prepare some food! It's a legitimate excuse to step away from work for a few minutes and get something to eat. This is the thought process that goes through my head when I prepare something that may, but most like will not be very good for me. It gets me away from the computer and provides me with that comfort the food always provides us with. 

I like the idea of the journal, and I may start doing that when I feel the urge to eat. 

I think the whole "I shouldn't eat this mentality" is the problem. There is nothing wrong with cake or pie or donuts, I was recently given TWO homemad pies by my daughter in law (her fruit trees were ripe). I ate one piece of cherry pie and put the rest in individual servings in the freezer. That was two weeks ago and I haven't had one once (actually forgot about them until I read this post). I might thaw out a piece for Fourth of July.

Eating food does not make one obese, eating too mch food with too little exercise does.


I must be your twin gogetfit!  I can totally relate also!  I can be good for weeks and then come across brownies or cheesecake and I am done!  I started at 180 and I currently am 137, having gained the weight from being pregnant, and thinking "some day I'll get my body back".  I had to get control of the eating, stopping bad habits and adapting new ones....I now crave romaine and baby spinich which I have every day for lunch.  Still love my brownies and cheesecake but since I cannot limit them even if I try, I have to avoid them still at this point.  I no longer reward myself with food. When I feel stressed from the kids yelling and the dogs going crazy digging up the back yard, I take a deep breath and yell "WALK". Then we all get ready for a walk.  After the walk, the dogs are tired and so are the kids because they tend to run with the dogs....which means we have totally changed the atmoshere in the house.  I realize if I am under stress I am to easily tempted to eat poorly.  After coming to this sight I have learned more about myself and the way I feel about food.....

okay well this is extremely odd because today i did exactly what this blog calls "chain eating" and i have never felt so low in my life; only because i feel like there is no end to it, like it's a vicious cycle that is going to take control of my life untill one day i am extremely obese, bitter and lonely. Then i recieved this email and i actually feel a lot better, i can see the light people!!! I know i am not alone and that is one of the biggest determinants of failure when it comes to "chain eating" IMO; feeling that noone else does this, noone else understands, so when you tkae that one cookie, you decide 'ahh screw it, i had one i might aswell have another 200 because noone really knows how i feel". Atleast that's how i feel haha.

But i'm glad i read this. It's not the end of life as i know it for after all, tomorrow is another day.

cheers xo

I take a medication for chronic insomnia which, just before it makes me drowsy, makes me hungry.  I know it will pass, but for that hour or so I really feel hungry.  I've taken the med for almost 30 years, and yet I had never developed a sound coping mechanism.  In the last 2 months I have.

  • When I get that hungry feeling I drink a bottle of water.
  • I have asked my husband to support me by pointing out when I start to "graze" that it is just a med reaction and the hunger will go away.
  • I go surfing on my computer and relax.
  • If my mouth thinks I want crunchy (ususally the case) I have an apple or some baby carrots.
  • I don't allow chips in the house except on special occasions.
  • I go boxing on my Wii - gets out the aggression and diverts my attention.

Hopefully this combination of mechanisms will continue to help me be smart about eating habits.  I lost 13 pounds in June, so it seems to be helping.

I too chain eat. Its been a pattern with me for my entire life. I struggle with developing healthy habits to replace this unhealthy one. In the years where I am successful, my weight is down and I feel terrific. But, there is always a rebound and I have an equal amount of years where I pick up the habit again. Its maddening. When I am around my family, whom I love dearly, I can clearly see that the grazing, chain eating habit is a family habit. We are all obese. We all struggle to not do it. We all have periods of success curbing it and then we go back to it. Its just like Oprah! We know what we need to do. We have the resources. We have a track record of success and yet, we all go back to it. And, we don't even like it. What is the answer? Really, what is the answer?!!

Great post! Thanks for bringing up what so many of us struggle with.

Original Post by: gogetfit

I can so totally identify with this.  I would be so good at work, then come home.  Kids yelling and demanding, dogs barking, what are we doing for dinner honey being called out as my husband sat on the couch and I would consume 800-1000 calories in minutes,  then turn around and eat dinner too.  I gained 30 lbs in 2 years!!

Thankfully with the tools on Calorie Count I have been able to drop from 172 to 136 in 6 months and totally change my eating habits.  Lot of water, healthy breakfast, 300 cal lunch and salad with grilled meat for dinner and exercise at least 2 times a week and trying for more.

I love this post but I also have a tip of my own:

On my computer I have a little message: 'Little pickers wear bigger knickers' Sealed Drink a glass of water with a slice of lemon and think thin! Wink

Eating Rule #1 :  If it's in the house it will get eaten.  If we put the food there ourselves we will eventually eat it, whether it be binging or snacking. 

Eating Rule #2 :  We eat to put a patch on things.  Sometimes it's boredom, worry, or stress, etc.. 

Here's three of my tricks.  Stock super healthy stuff in the house, so if I do binge, I'm binging on watermelon or lowfat cottage cheese for example.  Also, if I have to have a choco fix and have to go the store to get it, I'm less likely to make the trip out.  If I do, then I really needed it. :)

Trick number two: Make little complex snacks like apple slices with peanut butter, wheat crackers with tuna, fruit cups with granola topping, or smoothies.

Trick three: Do something other than T.V. or in house stuff.  I get outdoors if I can.  This fills the rest of my senses and I forget about food. 

I hope this helps.

Also check out for more recipes.

Much Success,



I had just finished lunch and really wanted something crunchy and salty since I was trying to eliminate the chips and pretzels that I love with a sandwich.  I felt the urge to eat my "healthy pop" popcorn but that is my usual 4pm "I'm starving" treat.  So, for the first time in my life, I set a timer for 10 minutes and told myself if I still wanted it in 10 minutes i could have it because apparently I really wanted it.  I was shocked, surprised and thrilled when I no longer wanted it, I even completely forgot why the timer was set at first.  Wow, giving in to a craving had become such a habit but now I see I can actually conquer this!!!!!  What a revelation for a life long weight struggler like me.

These are all really helpful tips, thanks everyone!

Great post!!! We have to give ourselves permission to live our best lives, and if that includes a piece of pie or a glass of wine once in a while, so be it!  One of the comments above stated that "none of the beautiful women in my office are eating cake (sic)".  Baloney-they are eating that cake and they are at peace with it.  At least the ones I talk to are.  There are also those who are constantly battling themselves mentally over that piece of cake and truly aren't happy not having it.  I finally learned, after all of my 42 years that to give myself permission takes the control away from my impulsive eating habits.  It truly is liberating!

I was reading up on this issue just yesterday because I tend to eat at night and on the weekends when I know I'm not even hungry.  I found a great article in Ask Mary How can I curb late night hunger? and I read the more ideas and found that there were a lot of things I could do to prevent bingeing.  What I tried last night was Self-Hypnosis and I found it to be really helpful, not only to loose weight but to gain control of other areas in my life.  We will see if it sticks.  Good luck to all you other fellow chain eaters :)

This is so weird, this happened to me last night. I just couldn't stop... After a couple cheat snacks I got myself a glass of crushed ice, just so I could chew something and not be intaking calories anymore.

I pop a piece of sugarless gum into my mouth. Keeps my mouth active so I don't think about eating.

oh my gosh!! this is exactly what i struggle with.  About one month ago, before graduation I had a National Honors Society ceremony at school, basically to say goodbye to the graduates.  I weighed about 108 lb at the time and i was happy with my weight, however after the ceremony i got upset for some reason (probably just upset that i was graduating) and I binged on chips and salsa, and THEN my mom and i went to outback to celebrate and i ate way too much... steak, potatoes, salad, soup, 2 little loaves of bread, etc.  The entire time that i was bingeing i just kept telling my mom that i didn't care anymore about my weight and that i wanted to be a happy girl, NOT a thin girl.  This binge eventually led to more binges until i realized that I had a problem.  I was bingeing for deeper reasons-my boyfriend was cheating on me with an EXTREMELY thin girl who i felt i needed to be like in order for him to love me, in addition to my father criticizing my weight and my mom constantly dieting as i was growing up.  I couldn't take it any more so i started to binge.  From that time i gained about 8 pounds until i realized that i needed to stop.  I didn't feel beautiful or happier when i binged and it didn't take away any of my REAL problems.  I FELT UGLY when i was so stuffed my stomach would bulge out.  So I would try and try again, not to binge, and i realized that my problem was growing out of control.  I would be good all day and then at night i would just eat and eat and eat.  Finally, I joined this website and I left Philadelphia for the summer to visit my family here in Wisconsin.  I broke up with my boyfriend and I stopped talking to my father.  I haven't binged in a while and I can see my stomach losing some of the fat I developed.  I never want to binge again, and anytime that i get a craving i just ask others to eat the food that i want or i ask them not to keep any unhealthy food in the house.  I not only feel more beautiful but I also feel like I am more in control of my life, instead of the food and the other people in my life having control by making me depressed.  My advice to any bingers out there is simply this: Don't let the food control you, don't give other people the power to depress you causing you to binge.  You will be a winner when you get up off the couch and go outside for a run or a bike ride, not when you say "screw this i want to eat a brownie."  In the end, even if you eat the brownie, be strong and just say to yourself that you dont need another one, instead just go to the gym or go for a run to burn it off.  You need to realize that the brownie will do nothing for you so turn away and just say that I AM IN CONTROL OF MY LIFE AND MY HAPPINESS:) dont let the food make you who you are.

finding something crunchy like the crushed ice is a great idea. And another good twist on the same idea is to add a little low cal fruit juice (I really like Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry) over the ice for a little extra flavor.  It's like a snowcone! :) and who doesn't like snowcones!! :)

My other trick that I find works well for me is, rather than NOT allowing myself to have any of my "binge" temptations (because that usually just means I want it even MORE!), I limit myself to only eating them when someone else is with me or if we go to a restaurant.  Because I'm far less likely to binge if someone is there to see me go back for that second bowl of ice cream or empty the bag of chips.  And at least if you have to go out to get your treat, it either means a trip to go get it, or it's only a set portion! :)

This is a brilliant post and just what I needed to read this morning.  I also enjoyed reading all the comments, so thanks to all of you for sharing.  After losing about 35 pounds since January of this year, I am currently "way off track" and am sure I am doing "chain-eating" and it has really discouraged me.  So, reading your comments gave me hope and inspiration.   I have just reallized that I am not alone and I can make good choices. 

Each of us is different, with different experiences, but I have realized that my chain eating is related to emotions.  It continues because of the discouragement that comes from the first cheat.  If I could stop that "good" and "bad" thinking, maybe I could stop the eating chain.  Thanks to those of you who gave good, logical sugestions for alternatives to eating.  For instance, a change of scenery, a short walk, listening to music, or reading might help me break the chain.

Tadina 13:  I am very, very impressed by your insight and brilliance.  You are amazing.  Congratulations on  the National Honor Society and your accomplishments.  You seem to have such insight into the issues.  I am so impressed by your thinking, at such a young age.  I have struggled with oveweight since I was your age, but never saw the connections.  You keep trying and I know you will succeed.  I wish you all the best.

Take care, everyone.  Thanks again for sharing.

Wow! So many great tips! I really love the one about If it's in the house it will get eaten.  If we put the food there ourselves we will eventually eat it, whether it be binging or snacking from creativelyfit.

My question is this, I'm a work at home mom and head cook to five teenagers. How do I keep everybody satisfied AND healthy at the same?


This is a great post.  I am one of those who has to finish the bag.  Sounds stupid I know but its the mentally.  I have learned to buy the prepackaged small sizes which helps.  But I find when I get off track its like impossible nearly to get back on track. I have the worst job in the world for the emotional eater.  I eat when I am bored, happy, hungry, stressed and just about any reason will do.  It seems as soon as I put the first bite in my mouth of what I should not there is no stopping me.  So the idea of no off limits does not work for everyone.  At least not for me.  If I get a taste I want it all.  It just keeps going and going and going I have the chips then I want candy chocolate and then bread, cookies and I don't eat a serving I eat it all until it is all gone.  All the ideas of don't have it in the house or special times works sometimes.  I am giving up my daycare the end of August and I have always thought it was my job that was the cause of it all.  But now I am thinking what will my excuse be then.  I am thinking already to set myself up for failure instead of saying it will work by having only the healthy things that do work for me.  The bottom line is only I can do it for me.  All the tricks and shares are so wonderful but each one of us have to walk this walk alone.  The calories are what matters the intake versus the expenditure.  I know drinking lots of water works to fill you up, so why can't I just do that simple thing. Why does this have to be such an impossible journey.  How did food get to be our everything in this love/hate relationshp?  Just when I have everything under control 10 family functions in a row and the food to the foodalcolic make for a back to my old ways again. It a mississippi mud pie slide  back to where I began all over again. It is the same old thing lose it gain it lose it gain it.  I hate this and its  all consuming in more than one way.  I feel like it control my life.  I want to be the one to control it.  I need some mind games.  I like the timer one and I will use it.  Please share more. 

Funny how any type of behaviour that is dysfunctional or addicting can follow similar patterns.  Psychologists if going with a traditional substance misuse model would call this the abstinence violation effect (AVE).  Basically it is a sort of what the hell because I already feel bad (I broke my abstinence so now feel rubbish) and this can lead to going back to the old habits.  The comments about avoidance are a good tactic but working towards understanding that it is your thought process that is making you go back for more is good for the long term.  Then you can start to find strategies to make your thoughts not go faulty!  Lets face it though we all do it and sometimes knowing exactly what you are doing doesn't always help.  The best thing (i.e. to avoid full relapse) is to think on it as a lapse and get straight back on the wagon (also not the easiest but definitely possible)

Fabulous answer and very helpful. Treat your fellings with compassion.

Comment Removed

Yeah, I know how you feel.  Usually stress caused me to chain eat.  I'd think "I've had this horrible day, i DESERVE a brownie and a bowl of ice cream after going to sonic and getting the fried chicken strip meal with fries, gravy, and a large cherry lime-made"  B/c some how the bad food made me feel like I could handle the stress. 

Now I try to close my eyes for a moment and think "It's just stress, it's not going to kill you, you're going to get through it, and yes, with out the crappy food you're going to get through it."  If that doesn't help I'll try to drink some tea (especially green tea). 

Another thing I do is make sure my "snack" food is healthy, like yogurt, but I do keep 1 really expensive chocolate bar up at the top of my pantry where I can't see it but I know where it is (not something crappy like Nestle, something like Green and Blacks Organic chocolate).  And if everything else fails and I need something sweet, I'll allow myself 2 squars of chocoalte which is aobut 1/2 or 1/4 of a serving (depending on the chocolate bar.), but I don't let myself have any more then that (hey, it's too expensive to eat all at once, right?)

This post just saved me from a chain-eating moment. I had just come home from work and wanted food (out of boredom)! I had 100 cals of pretzels and a bite of peperoni wrap when I sat down and read this. Before I was contemplating what else to eat...the usual succession of a huge bowl of cereal, left overs, crackers, popsicles, popcorn, peanut butter and everything else I can cram down my throat. Now I'm renewed and proud that I stopped before I binged!

I'm going to go walk half a mile then it will be dinner time when I can actually use the last 300 calories in my "budget"! yay!


My favorite "chips" don't ruin my diet.  Slice up raw zucchini 1/8" each with a dash of salt on them and dehydrate them.  Try other veggies dehydrated, too, as "chips".  :)

Well I definetly know how that feels, suddenly you have an urge to eat something sweet or something "out of the diet" then you feel bad and that opnly leads to more "breaking the rules", but i´ve been able to manage this, first of all, keeping yourself busy makes you stop thinking about food, and as you keep losing weight, you start making more conciousness, specially when you are already seeing results and that obviously you don´t want to lose that "prize" that took so much effort to gain. What i do when i have this attacks, well i prefer to go to my room cause being in the living room, near the kitchen, only bring food to my mind, and in my room i don´t think about food, in fact, in my room i want to dance, excersice, or do other things. Another great idea to avoid this is sugar free chewing gum, it tastes good, no calories, and keeps your mouth busy in chewing than eating fat foods.

Amber I suggest you would do youself a world of good by keeping a food journal.  It will keep you accountable for anything you decide to eat. But you must be totally honest with yourself.  Sounds like your doing well with your weight loss.  Maintaining is just as important as weight loss.  Good luck.

Actually I was refering to crazyperson01

Craving to eat just to eat? Try sugar free jello. You can eat buckets of that stuff without blowing your calories. Green beans, strawberries, peas? These are all low calorie-type foods you can chow on to your hearts content (within reason).

I find that I my binging happens when I am stressed or tired (and I work nights)

YES that is a good answer i  agree with you,, I tell myself  i can have anything i want but do i want to work out for a extra 2hours to work this off  ,,,if i want it  than yes ,,,and no not right now ,,,and i also find if i keep just some of the things i love like cake or cookies i put them in the freezer i have cookies that have been in there for over a  month,,,I never tell my self that i can`t have something never

that Laughingreply was for strawberryRoan i really agreeed with them on what they said



As soon as I even begin to THINK about eating when I'm not hungry, I come straight here to CC. I stare at the calorie counter and start calculating, read the forums, look at other people's successes, etc... I think it helps get my mind off the food and inspires me to overcome the urge.

i get temptations all the time...but i pause for a second and look at the food and say what is more important to me...the body i've worked so hard for or this chocolate (for example)? if i eat this ill be happy for one minute and then unhappy for at least three hours by guilt alone...if i don't then ill be unhappy for five minutes but much happier for the rest of the day. However i let myself one "off day" which for me is saturday where i can have pie chocolate or a donut. i dont feel guilty because i say hey its my off day and im proud that i overcame my temptations all week

This is so like me. However I got rid of everything in my cupboards and fridge and started over. So, I only have food that I will consume on my diet. I can't do it any other way.

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I understand!  I take prednisone and many other drugs for rhuemetoid arthritis and am hungry all the time.  I just have to keep trying not to eat everything in sight.

i suffer from this and it has basically ruined my life. i am struggling to get in control of this. i don't want to deal with this forever.

It is so nice to know that somebody else struggles with this too! Ive been in this same pattern for more than a year...and no matter what I try or what I promise myself-I havent been able to break it. Ive been trying to lose the same 15 pounds over this time period, and because of my "chain eating", I seem to just keep gaining more wait. But I am brand new to this website, so Im hoping to be able to find some good support and suggestions here :)

Crazyperson01:  Good for you for taking control of the situation with your weight.  How often you weigh yourself and whether you count calories is a personal choice. 

As far as weighing goes, once a week is what is usually recommended, but there are so many factors that go into our weight that can cause fluctuations like water retention, time of month, weighing at the same time of day (first thing in the morning before I eat or drink anything is how I always weigh).  So how your clothes fit or how you feel you are progressing with non-weight indicators (measurements can be a good non-weight indicator to track).

Everything in moderation is the key and it sounds like you are doing better than most of us adults in that regard.

On this topic of binge eating, I sometimes have problems with this.  If I start snacking at night, its just one thing after another after another and I can't stop.  And I feel very bad that I did it.

I lost as much as 63 lbs at one point, and I have managed to keep around 40 of that off at all times, but I have re-lost and re-gained and re-lost again that last 20 or so lbs a few times.  I KNOW if I put my mind to it I can keep it all off and maintain the weight where I want to be and have gotten to more than once recently.  But I am choosing not to when there is a big stress in my life, the latest one was I moved from one house to another, among other things at that same time. 

So right now I am gearing up to get these 20 unwanted pounds off again and hopefully this time I can make that work for good.  I need to, because it really feels good both emotionally and physically when I am at the weight I want to be at.

Comment Removed

i think the obsessed calory counting can lead to an eating disorder. here is a link for parents whose child is suffering from an eating disorder.

1. I look at all the foods I used to bing on as POISON. They are poison to my overall well being and make me feel like crap if I eat them. I don't want to feel like crap.

2. I do not stock any foods in my house that would take me from my eating plan. If it's not in the house, I don't eat it. I do not even store sugar in my pantry!

3. At work, I stick to my eating plan, always prepared with the foods I am going to eat every day. I do not vary from my plan, and believe me there are tons of crabs in cubicle world that LOVE to attempt to pull me back into the pot, but I'm not them. So I say NO to their potlucks, muffins, breakfast pizzas, bagles and all the other foods that are poison to my body.

4. Get a strong support system. I have support at home, with the friends I hang with and at work.

5. Write down EVERYTHING you eat and before you decide to go out, look up menu items and make decisions as to what you will order before you even go. (Took  mom to IHOP for breakfast on Saturday. She had the pancakes, I had the scrambled egg beaters covered in salsa and a fruit bowl on the side).

6. Realize you are in control and if not, take control. Realize that your body deserves good and healthy food, not foods that will abuse it. If you begin to view food not as an emotional escape, but a tool for energy and good health, you will find you no longer choose to binge or chain eat.

Remember, tomorrow is another new day - start over and put it behind you.  It is the only way you will succeed.

Back when I started trying to lose weight I was doing the Slimfast thing.  Almost always I would come home from work and eat something, and more of that something, until in my head I knew that all my fasting during the day was worthless.  Now, I got rid of the shakes, and I count my calories while EATING, not drinking my calories.  I find that I am not as hungry, and that I am not Chain Eating like before.

Something that I am sure many of us do, is remember not to eat 3 hours prior to going to bed.  I broke that last night, but I'll make up for it today.  A little extra workout time for today.

Now if I could get my wife to stop doing her deal of boredom eating.

I don't have any forbidden foods, my problem is I can never have enough of the foods I like.  Today for instance I have been craving fried rice.  I could have a cup but I want a quart.

Will Power is a tough thing to keep up.  I can relate very well to what you are talking about.  I too could look at something and say, O.K. eating the rest wont hurt me that much.  Then I stepped on the scale and I was over 220 pounds.  That's when I decieded to be stronger than I was being.  It's a tough journey, there are going to be ups and downs, but when you finally reach your goal, you will be able to look at that quart and say, I won.

Don't look at foods as being forbidden, becuase then you will revert to going back to them.  Keep all the foods you like, but cut the portions that you normally would eat and eventually you may find yourself cutting them out completely. 

My weekness is cookies, I figure I can eat 1 or 2 and I'm fine, I end up eating about 6.  That was the old me, now I know I have won that war.  I opened a pack of Oreos yesterday, and I only ate 1 cookie.  I gave 1 to my son, and the others went bad, it was only a pack of 4 cookies, not the big pack. 

You can win this battle, you just have to tell yourself you can and keep telling yourself you can.

Original Post by: jpdakota

I take a medication for chronic insomnia which, just before it makes me drowsy, makes me hungry.  I know it will pass, but for that hour or so I really feel hungry.  I've taken the med for almost 30 years, and yet I had never developed a sound coping mechanism.  In the last 2 months I have.

  • When I get that hungry feeling I drink a bottle of water.
  • I have asked my husband to support me by pointing out when I start to "graze" that it is just a med reaction and the hunger will go away.
  • I go surfing on my computer and relax.
  • If my mouth thinks I want crunchy (ususally the case) I have an apple or some baby carrots.
  • I don't allow chips in the house except on special occasions.
  • I go boxing on my Wii - gets out the aggression and diverts my attention.

Hopefully this combination of mechanisms will continue to help me be smart about eating habits.  I lost 13 pounds in June, so it seems to be helping.

jpdakota.  I take a medication Serequel at night to sleep and I cannot make myself not eat.  Even if  I am so tired I can hardly get out of bed I get up and crawl to the kitchen about half an hour after I take it and eat anything  I can.  It is horrible to remember what I have eaten over  the last two years.  Every night I say I won't but  I get into a type  of trance and am unable to stop.

I started to try  and not take it, but couldn't sleep which is so awful, so have been cutting it down and am now taking about a quarter of a pill and I still do it.  Am trying to go cold turkey but lack of sleep is horrendous.  Feel like being caught between a rock and a hard place.

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