Why do I burn so many calories when I am sedentary?
Asked by divefab on Feb 16, 2011 in Fitness

I set my activity level as sedentary and, without logging any physical activities, the analysis tab shows my calorie output is 2187 one day and 2193 another day. If sedentary is working behind a desk and watching TV with no other daily activity, how can that be such a high caloric burn?


Of all the calories you burn in one day, around 75 percent are used to perform physiologic functions such as making your heart beat and your brain work, performing all cellular activities, maintaining your body temperature, digesting your food, etc.  The other 25 percent (or less for some people) are used in all physical activity, which includes intentional exercise, as well as unintentional activity (fidgeting) and the activities of daily living such as washing, dressing, eating etc.  A man of your size can easily burn 2000 calories a day at a sedentary activity level.


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