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Can I build muscle after age 50?
Asked by kenbrew on Sep 25, 2008 in Fitness

I am a 54 year old male.  Am I too old to do weights?  Is my ability to build muscle dependent on the amount of testosterone present?  As you get older the amount of testosterone diminishes.  What do you think?


You can build muscle at any age by training with resistance weights.  And while testosterone is responsible for muscle growth, and production declines as men get older, there is no reason to think your testosterone is below the normal range. If you have symptoms like low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, or depression, you should ask your doctor about testosterone screening.  It is done with a blood test supplemented by a questionnaire. If you do have low testosterone, the condition is easily treatable.  But assuming you don't, you can get started with weight-training by reading about the basics at


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