Do bones weigh more than fat?
Asked by christina_c on Sep 29, 2010 in Health Conditions

I have scoliosis, specifically, an S-curve.  I wonder if my BMI is going to be correct because I am definitely shorter than I was meant to be. (I would be taller if the curve was not there.) So I was wondering if bones weigh more than fat, because I am overweight, but I wonder if it's also because I have more bone mass than a typical person my height has.


There is wide variation among individuals but, on average, the skeleton makes up about 15 percent of body weight, while fat (adipose tissue) accounts for around 27 percent.  Interestingly, bone contributes 30 percent of weight but, in reality, bone is half water and water is counted elsewhere. But to compute your BMI with scoliosis, use your actual height.  Research shows that girls with scoliosis might compensate for height loss from spinal curvature by growing in a pattern that favors longer legs.  BMI is only a guide for screening and so go by the weight that feels best.  Also scoliosis is associated with less bone mass not more, therefore, you need to eat a diet with adequate calcium, vitamin D, protein, and the many minerals that influence the bones.

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