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I binged last night. What does it mean for my weight?
Asked by gandalf84 on Nov 09, 2008 in Emotional & Behavioral Issues

I just had a horrible night because I ate so much :(  Now, it’s the next morning and my scale shows an extra kilo from yesterday. Is this all extra weight?  Did I gain this weight because of last nights binge?


Frequent binging leads to weight gain, but that’s not your immediate problem.  Understand why you binged to prevent from happening again.  Before the binge, were you hungry, tired, lonely, angry?  Did you turn to food to cope with a problem?  If so, vow to address it with a direct solution.  If you get the urge to binge again, breathe deeply while you observe your feelings without judgment until they pass.  To reduce the urge, eat three meals a day and snack in-between if you are hungry, and get enough sleep and exercise.  Read about how restrictive diets can lead to binging from the Guide to Women's Health at

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