What is the best yogurt to eat?
Asked by rpinckney on Apr 13, 2010 in Nutrition

I just read an article about the benefits of eating yogurt.  Yogurt is supposed to provide a flat belly, lessen food cravings, good for the immune system, good source of calcium, etc.  Do you agree with this and if so, what are the best yogurts to avoid adding up the calories?


The best yogurt to eat is any plain, fat-free yogurt with live active cultures.  Yogurts that are sweetened with sugar or made from full-fat milk are somewhat less healthy, but they remain a good source of calcium and are good for immunity.  Yogurt might help to flatten the belly if bloating was the cause of your abdominal distention and your consistent intake of yogurt helped to change that (but don't hold your breath). Yogurt does not necessarily reduce cravings, unless you believe it does, because the mind-body connection truly exists.

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