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What is the best Pilates workout?
Asked by amanda_kaltreider on Aug 20, 2010 in Weight Loss

I just had my baby three months ago and I still weigh 213 lbs. I weighed 145 before I got pregnant when I was riding horses on a regular basis. As soon as I got pregnant, I didn’t really exercise so I gained about 75 pounds altogether. Now I’m just trying to find a workout that I can fit into my schedule to help lose weight and tone and tighten my muscles. I still ride horses now so I know that will also help but I would also know what Pilates workout I could do.


Pilates, done regularly, will strengthen all of your muscles, particularly the core  muscles that wrap the middle of your body. Pilates can be performed on the reformer, a mat or with a DVD, but beginners should start with a good teacher who will correct your form until you get the movements right.  To lose weight, burn calories with cardio-type exercise and limit your calorie intake.  Riding horses and Pilates can be a cardio workout as long as they raise your target heart rate.  Since your baby is new, eat 1800 nutritious calories a day to replenish your stores after pregnancy.  Read this Calorie Count blog about losing baby weight.

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