What is the best dessert to eat?
Asked by lag123 on Jun 04, 2008 in Nutrition

I like to have sweets and I was wondering what is the best kind to eat without consuming a ton of calories....


You can bake healthy quick breads, cakes and cookies, and make nutritious fruit- and milk-based desserts if you start with healthy recipes from Cooking Light and Eating Well magazines and from About.com.   You can purchase calorie-controlled sweets from several manufacturers, like ice cream sandwiches, cones and bars from the Skinny Cow, Weight Watchers, and Healthy Choice, and fat-free puddings from Jell-O, Hunts, Kozy Shack and others.  Reduced-fat ice cream and frozen yogurt from Edy’s and Bryers is also good.  For portion control, but not necessarily health, there are 100-Calorie Snack Packs made by Nabisco, Keebler, Hostess, Hershey’s, and many others.

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