What is the best cereal to eat for breakfast?
Asked by sarahpeak on Jul 07, 2008 in Nutrition

I am currently eating muesli for breakfast but I am wondering if there is a better cereal to eat in the morning.


Whether your breakfast cereal is ready-to-eat or cooked, it should be made from whole grains and be low in sugar, fat and sodium, high in fiber, and free of saturated- and trans-fat. Ideally, one serving should provide about 5 grams of fiber, a whole grain listed as the first ingredient and, ideally, no more than 8 grams of sugar, 3 grams of fat, and 140 mg of sodium. Some cereals that meet those criteria are old fashioned oatmeal, spoon sized shredded wheat, Fiber One original bran cereal, and Kashi Golean. Fortified cereals provide significant nutrients, but fortification is not as important as being whole grain. Cereals are made healthier by the addition of fat-free milk and fresh fruit. Use the food grades on Calorie Count to identify the healthiest cereals.   

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