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Should I begin a vegetarian diet by going cold turkey?
Asked by anonymous on Mar 10, 2007 in Alternative & Integrative Nutrition

I'm considering becoming a vegetarian. What's the best way to start? Should I cut off meat completely, cold turkey, or slowly start taking it out of my diet, and if so, how?


Going cold turkey is fine if you live with a vegetarian, but if not, it's easier to ease in gradually. Vegetarians refrain from eating meat, poultry and fish, but many eat dairy products and eggs. Start by reading books and cookbooks about vegetarian diets, and make a file of new recipes to try. Many classic ethnic dishes are meat-free such as Mexican and Italian recipes that feature grains, beans and cheese. You can also try vegetarian menu selections at Indian, Asian and Middle-Eastern restaurants. Some vegetarians like textured vegetable protein (TVP) in place of ground meat.

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