Do bananas promote weight gain?
Asked by anonymous on Nov 06, 2008 in Nutrition

I've seen a lot of controversy about this and good arguments on both sides. I guess the carbohydrates and sugar make it comparable to white bread and potatoes. What about a banana’s glycemic index?


Carbohydrates from fresh fruit, non-starchy vegetables, nuts, and legumes generally have a low glycemic load and do not promote weight gain.  The glycemic index measures a food’s effect on blood sugar and it is not directly related to weight. High glycemic index carbohydrates are quickly converted to glucose, causing insulin levels to spike.  An insulin surge can lead to hunger and overeating in people who have prediabetes.  But bananas actually have a low glycemic load when adjusted for the portion that most people eat.  Bananas are a highly nutritious low fat, low sodium food packed with potassium, vitamin A, folic acid, and fiber. 

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