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Ballet/Tap/Modern/Jazz/Street Enthusiasts

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About Us
To meet other people who enjoy all these types of dance and more and share our experiences, stories, advice and knowledge!
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Anybody here from Detroit or near Dearborn? I need some new female buddies.

by womanofgod1 in Introduce Yourself on Sep 17

Hi! I am looking for some new hang out female friends near Dearborn or on the westside of Detroit. Most of my friends live far away...

Welcome to the Group

by Alastor83 in Introduce Yourself on Jul 15

Hi! 1. I used to be at a healthy weight with a 14% body fat until I developed an autoimmune disorder that brought me to a BMI of 13...

Audrey S.
Calling All Past and Present Ballerinas....

by the4thside in Introduce Yourself on Mar 08

Since you're not planning on becoming a professional ballet dancer (right?) the training probably won't be so rigorous...

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