It is a bad practice to use laxatives on a regular basis to keep your weight down?
Asked by anonymous on Jun 17, 2008 in Eating Disorders

When I feel bloated or full, I take a natural supplement laxative (about 4 times a week). I feel like it is similar to a cleanser and it's okay since it's a supplement. It keeps my stomach flat and makes me feel better. It is okay to do this? Does it contribute to lowering my calorie count at all?


Laxatives do not create a calorie deficit or promote weight loss. They are not meant to be used for longer than one week. Overuse can make the bowel less responsive to working on its own and so more laxatives are needed over time. Laxatives can also hide symptoms of medical problems that are important for your doctor to know about. To prevent constipation and bloating, eat a high fiber diet, drink plenty of fluids, and get regular exercise.

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